You Just Said Yes! 10 things to do after the engagement!

You just said, “YES!” The ring has been placed on your finger.  You are BURSTING with happiness!  So now what?

Here are 10 things for you to do after the engagement!

1.      BREATHE!

Take in the joy of this moment! 

2.      Pop some champagne!

You just got ENGAGED!  Make your way to a restaurant or bar. Perhaps your new fiancé has come equipped with a bottle of delicious bubbly?  Toast each other and celebrate your moment.

3.      Instagram Time!

It is time to tell the world and show off that gorgeous ring!

4.      Nails, Nails, Nails!

Now is not the time to miss your trip to the nail salon!  Your hands must stay photo ready.

10 things to do after the engagement!.JPG

5.      Insure the Carats

You now have this beautiful and dazzling ring.  It is very important that you insure and protect it should the ring become lost, stolen, or damaged.  Make sure you have your appraisal papers in hand and contact your insurance agent. 

6.      Hire a Full Service Wedding Planner

A full service wedding planner is your greatest asset.  From beginning to end, your planner will be instrumental in crafting your vision.  From finding the perfect venue, styling your dream wedding, hiring vendors that fit your style and budget to coordinating events leading up to the wedding. Your wedding planner will help set things in motion.  

7.      Engagements Photos

It is time to commemorate the momentous occasion.  Let your planner coordinate your shoot with the chosen photographer.  Your planner will collaborate with your photographer to find a setting that defines you as a couple or a location that brings about memories from dating. Decide on colors, attire, and the timing of your pictures and poses.  

8.      Engagement Party

Even though you have shared your engagement all over social media, nothing beats having a formal celebration of your pending nuptials.  Engagement parties are a great way to introduce family and friends to one another prior to the wedding.  Also, this is a great way for the people in your life to celebrate you!  Share your ideas with your wedding planner.  Consider this the “Kick Off” to your wedding!

9.      Set the date

Deciding on your date sooner, rather than later, can greatly increase the chances of your date being available at your preferred venue.  Once your date and venue are set, the fun part of designing your wedding begins!  Together with your planner, you will discuss everything from flowers to food, dresses to music and beyond.  Maybe you’re considering a destination wedding.  Your planner is here to make your dream day a reality! 

10.   Budget!

Now that you’ve chosen your date and hired your planner.  You and your fiancé need to determine a budget.  Budgets are necessary because it allows you to determine how much you have/want to spend and whether your families will contribute.     

Now the real fun begins! 

Can we help you put those worries aside? Our specialty is in a hands-on approach to planning weddings and events; orchestrating a one of a kind curated approach to life’s most unforgettable celebrations. Contact us today. You can learn more about our services HERE!

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