We are so thrilled to introduce our home line Kesh Designs Home founded by our owner and event designer, Akeshi Akinseye. Akeshi expands beyond designing luxurious weddings and events around the world into the  home-decor to offer her own brand of housewares and tabletop accessories. We have built the Kesh Designs Home brand to be synonymous with the same style, luxury and sophistication that the Kesh Designs brand is know for. The collection includes items like napkins, table runners, placemats, charger plates, table-top fabrics, and accessories. Influenced by Akeshi’s own effortless and glam style, the collection ranges from modern, couture, feminine to traditional. There is something for everyone. Every piece is designed with great attention to detail and love. Explore our collection.

“ I want people to feel comfortable and inspired when using our products and cherish these pieces forever." -Akeshi

Luxury Scented Candles

Add beauty and aroma to your home. Shop our luxury scented candles and let these inviting scents candles transform your space into a refreshing, relaxing haven. Choose from alluring notes of citrus to sweet and effervescent notes champagne. Each piece is designed with a gold lid and custom matchbox and is elegantly boxed and perfect for gift giving.

The Art Of Floral And Event Design - Hardcover 

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a friend or mom, this coffee table book is the perfect gift. This book is for flower enthusiasts and lovers of pretty things. The Art Of Floral And Event Design features over 250 pages of floral designs from weddings, stylized shoots and special events designed by Akeshi Akinseye. Her passion has always been to create beautiful things, and she is fascinated by all the ways to transform something simple into a breathtaking moment. Each chapter offers inspiration in different color palettes and styles showcasing creative ways to use flowers. Akeshi shares a glimpse of her world with you so you can explore the various colors, textures and moods that are orchestrated to create the splendor and magnificence captured in The Art of Floral and Event Design. This book is sure to evoke awe-inspiring emotion that will innovate design concepts for your wedding or your next special event.