Your social media solution is here!!

Social Media kit: for event planners and designers


Do you struggle with social media content?

Want to learn how to use social media to grow your event planning/design business? This social media kit has been designed specifically for wedding/event planners and designers. The tools in this kit will help you optimize your instagram and facebook account, gain more followers and reach your target audience.

This instagram kit will help guide you to:

Curate your social media feed with valuable content.

Attract the right clients.

Connect with your followers.

Know the right things to post and say.

Make your business profitable in the process.

It’s time to use social media to your advantage …

Your Social Media Kit Includes:

Hashtag cheat sheet: Pre-written hashtags you can use for your posts.

Social media bio worksheet: Brand bio worksheet to help you create the best social media bio for your business.

Social media content category guide: Breakdown of different categories and examples to help you engage your target audience

and grow awareness of your brand, products and services.

Daily social media planner: Get organized and plan your social media content in advance.

Social media checklist: Go-to checklist for social media marketing.

Social media resource sheet: Tools to help plan, arrange

and manage your social media feed.


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